Thursday, July 7, 2011

Wedding Part 1

Betsy and Josh loved the plates and mugs from my fellow scrappers! They were so cute. Someone said "Why did they just get some for Betsy?" Forgot she is now Betsy Blackledge!
They also received several place settings of their china. It is really pretty and they
 just love it! Hope to be served on it on a holiday soon! 

The children also enjoyed the wedding. Being at the beach was just a blast. Getting all the kiddos together was wonderful. This is Brennen, Camille, Audrey and Ava. We were enjoying the delicious brunch given by my brother Richard and sister-in-law, Barbara and my Brother Jess and sister-in-law, Kay. They did a great job!

The Boys!
Jake, Brady and Brennen

 Barbara and Richard ready for the wedding!!
 A beautiful sunset captured by Richard. View from Portofino's. Gorgeous!

My next post will include some of the snapshots taken by family members at the wedding!
It was beautiful!

We will resume class next Wednesday. I will send out an email to see who can come. I am sure everyone, including me is ready to scrap again! I made a visit to Target and found a new set of colors in those cards we like! it will be perfect with the new embossing colors I found !!

Scrappy !

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