Thursday, June 9, 2011

Scrappin' Afternoon May 9th

We had a great time scrappin' today. Helen, Evelyn and Jenna got a lot done! Judy could only stay for a short while but she worked on getting her photos ready for her next project.

In all we made 14 pages ! Some really cute pages. I did not get a photo of the last two page spread that Evelyn did. It was a really awesome one and had an interesting addition!

Pam if you are looking at this you will recognize the Gold glitter paper. We "borrowed" it! We also used up a sheet of that THICK cardboard Polka-dot paper. Hope you don't mind ! We'll pay you back!

Jenna's London Pages came out cute! Great job, Jenna!

These are Helen's. She did a great job on both. I picked the brown background paper for the one above and she pretty much dug through my stash and finished it up. Too cute!!Who says boys can't have flowers on their pages?

Very colorful!!

I plan to schedule more Scrap days this summer. After the wedding look for an email with our July schedule. Hope to see you then!!
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