Thursday, August 23, 2012

We did it all.....paint, craft and scrap!

Camille joined us for scrappin' last night. She was the only one who actually scrapped! She had just finished her Taekwando class and made some photos of her classmates. She uploaded them from her Ipod and got them printed at Walgreen's. So proud of this girl!!

She did a great job on her pages. She is now in Master Class so we want to get more photos of this to scrap!!

Helen made this cute bulletin board for her kitchen. Her boys went off to collage and took hers! We painted over the original wood on the board then covered it with scrapbook paper. The good thing about this is it can be changed when it gets raggedy or with the seasons! Really cute! I was thinking of adding some labels like: coupons, receipts, etc. 

Evelyn brought this framed dry erase board. We changed it to a bulletin board! Turned the board over, added batting, cork and fabric. Did a little painting to cover up the pink that didn't match the fabric and then the flowers! Really cute!

Tomorrow we are going on our Flea Market adventure! I hope we find some great stuff!!
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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Let me sing my ABC's

Pam came back with more letters this week. I think they bought them out! Here are Pam's finished P and G! So cute

Maddie is going to Ole Miss so Evelyn did hers
for a bulletin board. Really cute!

Helen wanted hers for a wreath. Love the Gray and Glitter!

Here are Helen's for her Bama boys!
Working on August schedule. I have several possibilites. Watch for an email soon with a list of dates! See y'all soon. Thanks for comments! 
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