Sunday, December 27, 2009

Mom is doing fine. Thanks for your prayers.

   Mom is doing well. She got tons of candy and goodies for Christmas. We brought her some food and eggnog (unspiked)  She is feeling fine and working on keeping her strength up so when she goes home she can get around. We are staying through Tuesday and I will be going to the doctor with her to see what he says about this infection. Happy New year!! Go BAMA! Roll tide!

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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Silent Santa Cookies

Betsy and I with some help from Charlie baked cookies and goodies yesterday. It was quite an undertaking. Our Santas have no mouths and our snowmen have no arms, but we had fun and learned a lot about cake and cookie decorating. Made us appreciate the Ace of Cakes!!

Wishing all of you a Merry Christmas. I hope you enjoy family and friends. Make lots of pictures for us to scrapbook in January!! See you then. 

P.S. Heading to Alabama to visit my mom. She has an infection in her leg now and they are treating it with antibiotics. She has to go to the Doctor every week now and have the cast removed and put back on!! She was in good spirits today when I talked with her. She told one of the nurses that she likes eggnog on Christmas eve and asked if they served it. She said no but she would get her some. Mom also told her she liked her's spiked so the nurse is sneaking in a miniature bottle and eggnog!! I hope she doesn't get kicked out!!

Friday, December 18, 2009

I have the best husband in the World!!

Despite the fact that is was raining and storming,and he had no idea where we were going and it was 35 miles out of the way, my wonderful husband took me to the Archiver's store !! He even downloaded a GPS to my Iphone and it got us there. It was a miracle. You would not  believe all the turns and lanes and traffic in the pouring down rain!! But we found it with no problem. I only got to make a couple of pictures because I let him entertain himself with my phone while I looked.

I was very impressed with the store. I would say it is an up-scale scrapbook store. Really good albums, very organized by theme. Lots of products I had only seen in magazines. I bought just a few things, but it was a fun experience.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Change of Plans....Pitty Pat's Porch

We changed our mind's and braved another taxi ride to Pitty Pat's Porch. It was good southern cooking. Black eyed peas, Collard greens, ribs, fried chicken. We even ate Bread pudding. IT was not South Beach Friendly!!
The cab ride was much better, both ways!! On the way back that one was listening to TALK radio, go figure. We are packing for tomorrow. Bob is so happy this is over. He just has to check in in the morning and we head out. Hope to find the Scrapbook store in Marietta if we can. See ya'll soon. Scrappy

CNN tour...could not find Anderson Cooper!!

This is the best I could do!! I took the tour and it was neat seeing how they do everything. Didn't really see anyone I recognized and besides they made you turn off your cameras and phones before going in!! So, I did not see AC. Did find out he is is New York City! Rode the world's tallest escalator getting up there. Amazing all the stuff behind the scenes. A lot of the cameras are robotic. Studios and sets are very small. More computers and tvs than I have ever seen in one place, more than Best Buy!!

Thank you all for your comments!! Love them. Yes I plan to go to a scrapbook store tomorrow. I do not think there are any close to here. We are going to drive to Marietta on the way home to find the Archiver's store. Thank y'all. I do hope you have a wonderful Christmas. Oh, my mom is doing very well. Taking care of business in the nursing home. Found someone to build her a ramp and told her how to get some help with it from Medicare. I hope her bones will heal quickly, I think her patience is going to run out.
 Take care, Scrappy

We had a Good time at the game!!

We had a good time at the game!! Our first pro-basketball game. Anyway they keep you busy with all sorts of stuff. Below are the flames when each player is announced. This was right in front of us!! They had the A-town dancers who came out everytime there was a timeout. Also they did the Kiss Cam-put the camera on a couple until they realized they were on the screen and they had to kiss! This was cute!! Some apparently were
not couples and did not want to kiss. I took these pictures with my phone. Bob brought his camera but I did not bring the cord to upload.

Anyway, I am happier today. Bob is coming to get me for lunch and then he has to go back. I am planning to take the CNN tour today. See if I can see Anderson Cooper!!

 I found this picture of how the Park across the street looked during the 1996 Olympics. Pretty awesome, wasn't it. Well, let me get moving here. Planning to go to a Mall tonight for shopping, oh that is what is wrong with me, no shopping!! Miss my Walmart, Michaels, Hobby Lobby fix!!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Can you tell I am bored?

Well, I thought it was a great idea to come on this trip. It is great to see a new place.I am glad I came with Bob because he just hates to be at these things. I am disappointed that we are here in the middle of the city and it does not feel safe to venture out. You know me, I love to get out and explore. Anyway, I did watch Julie & Julia and enjoyed it. It is about blogging so I guess that's why I decided to post again today. I have learned one thing for sure, NEVER, No never come off without some scrapbooking projects to work on!! I started to throw a few things in to bring, but it is hard to narrow down to a few things!!

The sun did come out today, not that I have been out in it!! I do not even know the temperature!! We are thinking of going to a basketball game tonight. The Atlanta Hawks, I think. Not that I know anything about basketball, but it is right here and we don't have to take a taxi!! We will see. I did make Bob promise to bring me to the Archiver's store in Marietta on the way home. I hope it is on the way home? He has to bring me, anyway!! I am sorry to be complaining so much.

Bob just called, got us tickets to the basketball game. Haven't ever seen a pro-basketball game. This will be something different, for sure.

Trying to read up on this because I do not know anything about basketball!! I'll report tomorrow
 on Pro-Basketball !!

The way it is. . . . .

We took a frightening taxi ride the Hard Rock Cafe. The ride itself was scary because the cab driver did not want to stop at traffic lights, racing the engine and pulling into the  intersection waiting for the light to change. Anyway we enjoyed the Hard Rock. We have decided it is not safe to venture out too far from the hotel. I don't think we'll be taking anymore taxi's. Homeless people/panhandler's are all over. As soon as you go outside they come up to you. Yesterday I heard a loud roar outside the window and it was the police unit based here in CNN center. There we at least 50 cops on Harley's. I guess when something happens they all race out. I made a photo.

Let me get moving here. Bob is going to come up and we'll go eat lunch in the CNN food court.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Downtown Atlanta

Despite the rain and FOG we made it to Atlanta yesterday. This is a view Centennial Park, the site of the 1996 Olympics. It is lit up for Christmas and looks beautiful. The rain doesn't help my picture and the fact that I took I took it from my window.

This is the same view this morning, still rainy, foggy an Bob is in meetings all day. I plan to get cleaned up and go for a walk. Thinking of going on the CNN tour. We did that many years ago when the children were little.  So, let me get moving around here.


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