Friday, April 30, 2010

Scrappin' with Scrappy

Wednesday night Pam and Helen came and scrapped with Scrappy! I was going to be working on something in the back and let them know. I had no particular project in mind, but I had these pictures from our trip up to Clarksdale.  I titled it "Music is Life." Not sure it shows up enough, may need to put some brown ink around the title letters. I added the memorabilia wrist thingy we got so it would have the date.

Pam made some cute cards. The white Thanks is embossing. Love them!!

Helen finished several pages, you know she's a speed scrapper!!

I have to tell a funny story on Helen. You know how she loves to dig through all my brads and embellishments. Well, she was hunting stuff to add to her page and I looked over there and she had put blue Easter eggs on her Snow page!! She only saw that  they were blue and added them on!  We got a big laugh out of that and she changed them out once she put on her glasses!

As I said, Helen got lots done in the short time she was here.
 I guess that is why she has made the most albums of any other scrapper!!

Helen also dug through the scrap box and found this cut with the stars!!

Looking forward to the retreat!! Y'all get your stuff organized. See you on the 14th!!

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Monday, April 26, 2010

Let's get ready to Scrap..........Tips to help you get organized for the retreat

The retreat will be here before we know it. I am working on the goodie bags and surprises for the event!! I hope you are working on getting those photos organized. Here are some ideas to help you get ready:

  • Sort  your photos. This is the biggest thing that will help you get the most done. If you narrow down your  photos to 8 to 10 of a particular event, then you won't have to do the sorting during scrappin' time. Take the rest of your pictures and put them in a photo album.

  • Once you have your photos sorted for each single or two-page spread, begin looking through your papers and embellishments for things that fit the theme or color scheme. If you don't have papers, just ideas, jot them down so you can find these when you get to Scrappy's .

  • If you have an idea for title, journaling or dates of the events, go ahead and jot those down.

  • Place each set in a large Zip Loc bag (Kroger), or organizer such as the ones we got from Cropper Hopper.

If there is some particular theme you are going to work on, send me an email and let me know so I can be looking for some things for you. I hope these ideas help you to be prepared. So we'll get a lot of scrappin' done!! Oh, these photos are from the Juke Joint Festival in Clarksdale. Bob and I went to a couple of weeks ago.  It was quite an experience and we got some great pictures.

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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Recent Scrappy Pages

I scrapbooked Betsy's softball years. I was fortunate to have these pictures made by a photographer at one of her first games!  The other pages I did very simple layouts with just the large group photo and a title. I did not realize she had played ball for so many years until I dug out all those group photos. I know you have them too. Get going and scrap them!!

The titles were some clear letters. I painted the edges with white paint and sewed
 them on the pages.

Cat People
I love just love these photos of my Aunt Carrie and Uncle Bob. Their Siamese cat was so special to them. The cat would never come out when we visited, so it was a surprise to find these pictures. I can now understand how you can become "Cat People."

These photos were made in 1958. It seems all the photos I find from this time period have this "Gold look". Have you noticed this, also?

I used lots of texture on this page. Grungeboard letters with tattered Angels spray for the title and frame around the letters.  I couldn't find a metal cat's paw so I used these cute metal flowers by Maya Road. I also love the Vintage look of these letter charms! I have more of these if you just choose the right letters. I only had one set!
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Thursday, April 8, 2010

More Spring Pictures

Wow, it has been a beautiful spring!! The flowers and trees have just been gorgeous. But along with this all this beauty there has been a pollen explosion. I don't think I've ever seen it this bad. They're saying it is worse because we had such a cold winter and that everything opened up all at once. Oh well, we'll get through it. It is so much better than the winter we just had!!

These are some photos Bob and I made on our trip to my brother's in Priceville, Alabama,
 last weekend. We had a great time and celebrated my birthday.

Bob caught this bee gathering pollen. He can sure have it all!!

I am missing you scrappers!! Don't forget the May Scrap Retreat (14th and 15th).The spots are filling up and  there is only one opening left for Friday and several openings for Saturday. Remember, I am only taking 5 per day, so let me know if you want a spot!!
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