Thursday, July 19, 2012

Pam's sweet!

We had a really fun time last night, thanks to Pam! She loves to shop and find scrappin' or other goodies and..... the best part she always shares!! She found these great wooden letters at Dirt Cheap.
We just knew we could do something fun with these!!
Here are the letters after painting just the edges. They had a flat part on the top...we each planned to cover that with patterned scrapbook paper.

Using Mod Podge, we adhered the paper to the flat surface of the letter. Next I pulled out this cat claw trimming tool (really like a mini sander) to sand off the excess paper. We also used a sanding block. This worked pretty well.

Edith was doing her letter for her beach house so here she and Scrappy were adding some beach sand and sea shells. Really cute!

Here is Edith's finished letter!

Scrappy was using hers for the prototype. She tried "antiquing" a little to darken the bright red, but the paint soaked into the paper and sort of ruined the look for her. She plans to repaint the whole letter and start over.

Helen's Bama P came out so cute!!

Here Pam was not finished with her letters. She tried a different technique to just cut her paper to fit without having to do the sanding. She still has to finish trimming. Going to be really cute! Her paint is a metallic copper look....gorgeous!

This morning Scrappy had and idea of how to make a template for cutting the paper. I placed the  letters on the printer. 

Covered with a sheet of cardstock and hit copy.

Voila!! You can clearly see the inside line to use to cut the paper!! It could even be copied on the back of the patterned paper!! 

Pam is so generous, she bought letters for everyone...Judy and Evelyn too! She is sending Gene back to Dirt Cheap today to get us some more letters! Thanks Pam for sharing these with us. Letters and Monograms are all the rage these days. We thought these would be cute on a shelf, hung on the wall or added to a wreath.
Found this one below on Pinterest!
Thanks again Pam, we all had a great time!!
You others need to come back real soon, ya' here!

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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Camille Scraps and My backyard visitors......

On Monday I was terribly bored. I think Camille was too. She wanted to come scrap after she finished mowing the lawn and mowing in this 90+ heat, I thought she deserved to get to scrap!!
She had gathered some photos from Melanie and we began scrapping. I think she did a great job on this one of their Swimming with the Dolphins adventure!

We cut the title for these
 younger photos of a Luau day at the daycare.
So cute!

I did a page of Camille and Melissa taken at the beach.
I love this picture! Sweet.

Swimming is a fun summer past time, especially at Memaw's pool. There are tons of swimming pictures through the years! This paper was from the Summer Days DCWV stack I had gotten for Camille to use. Love it!

And some Halloween! Our alphabet stickers were limited, so I came up with "EEEk Fun!" for the title. (You have to be creative when using letter stickers)
Of course there were no "h's."

Since I have been out back painting a lot lately, I have had more backyard visitors. According to the Common backyard birds of Mississippi we printed from the Internet this little fellow is a Tufted Titmouse. 

Not sure about this visitor, according to my sheet I think he might be a House Finch or Chipping sparrow. You bird-watchers help me out!

I haven't seen many hummingbirds this year but one came
 by to check out the food. 

Another view from our backyard is our neighbor's pear tree. Bob and I have fond childhood memories of over-loaded pear trees. His mom had one in the yard behind the kindergarten and I remember my grandmother, Mama Harris, had to prop up the limbs on her pear trees because they would get so overloaded. We had pear salad, pear pie and every kind of pear dish you could think of!

Thanks for visiting! See you scrappers soon..... see what you're missing!
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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Another great July class.......

Pam, Judy and Camille came to scrap last night. 
We made lots of pages and some  really awesome techniques were used!

Pam is working on Bill's sports and school photos. This t-ball page is cute! There's those Michael's playing cards, again!

 Camille did some pages for herself and some of Isabella and Brennen. The garden pages are pictures of the raised garden Camille dug, planted and grew out at Melanie's! Great job!
This one Camille did of Isabella dressed as Tinkerbell at Disney. Cute!

Judy scrapped her grand-daughter's performances. 

We added a star for an accent to this school
 photo page.

Camille scrapped Brennen's 6th Slime Birthday. Her titles were made using Adobe Photoshop software.  She is great at that. I go take a class on it at Tulane tomorrow. I am sure I will need her help after I get totally confused!

See y'all next week for more scrappin'.
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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Scrappin' with Judy and Pam

Judy and Pam came to scrap today! I was so happy! Been missing some scrappin'. Judy made the pages above about
a trip she took to visit relatives.
While Pam was on vacation she went to the scrapbook store in Gulf Shores, not that Gigi store, but the one with our friend "Anne". She introduced Pam to Tim Holtz products and all his fun goodies. She brought back some really neat embossing powder and some awesome ribbons! (now y'all know Pam can pick some ribbons and she is great to share with us!! )
This embossing powder made the rust-like embellishments for Judy's pages. So cool!


Pam began working on Bill's school pictures. These are really cute. She had some great Lego paper and added some cute ribbon. We also made the ABC and crayon embellishments using chipboard and that rub-on stuff we got at Gigi's.

Those of you who weren't here missed a great time!
Hope to see you all soon. Be careful on all your traveling and be sure to make lots of pictures!
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