Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Walkin' in Gantt

Mom actually walked on her leg today. As you can see it was frightening, and Frank, the therapist, was right there to help. He says when I come back next time she will be a different person. She said it didn't hurt, so that was a relief. Now I think she'll make great progress.

She can't wait to go walking in out there at the Nursing Home and see everyone!!
Below is one of the "Form vs. Function" issues we had. Mom was using this basket
 beside her bed for all her things she might need in the night.It is a beautiful handmade
 basket, but not my idea of practical.
After biting my tongue several times she finally said " Joanne ,go get that
 blue basket you brought." Function won out!! Chalk one up for Joanne!!
Bob and I will go home tomorrow. We are exhausted, but I was glad that I was able to
 be here and help her through this time. I know she appreciated it.
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Monday, March 15, 2010

Cookin' for Mom !!

I spent all day on Saturday cooking up food for mom. Made sausage biscuits
 and a Tuna casserole.
I also made a Chicken Casserole with Velveeta cheese, Yummy!! Froze
 it all in packets so she can just heat it up in the microwave.

Things are going okay. Still frustrating for her to not be able to do the things
 she is used to doing!! I just hope we get a good report at the Dr. tomorrow. 

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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Button Tin

I asked mom today if she still had the button tin she had when I was little. I remember it vividly, a red metal filled with all sorts of buttons. Most of them were buttons she had cut off items of clothing she had worn or had made. There were metal ones, large colored plastic ones and fabric covered ones. Oh, I just loved to dump out that tin of buttons and sort them for hours. I looked in all the places she told me but did not find the actual tin, but I did find a Ziploc bag filled with those very buttons!! I actually remembered some of them!!

  I sorted the buttons for hours and enjoyed photographing them!! I am bringing them home and hope to find a special  place for some of them on my scrapbook pages!!

These metal ones were especially nice because some were rusty and corroded!! I know better than to clean them because I watch Antique Roadshow. Dirty and grungy is always better!!

So be watching for these on a Scrapbook page coming soon!!
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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Form vs. Function and What I am learning.................

We are having a conflict over form vs. function. If you  know me you know I am all about finding the simplest way to do something and not worry about whether or not is is aesthetically pleasing. I'm for moving everything out of the way or putting it in storage. Oh well, we're working it all out.

I have also learned a few things: 
  • Waste baskets and trash cans are to remain empty AT ALL TIMES!!
  • Iphones come in handy when you need to show someone that what you are hunting for them is not in the location they sent you to.
  • Home cooked oatmeal is really good.
  • I do not want to break my leg....I will not climb up on things I have no business climbing on!!


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