Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Other stuff we did...besides have a beautiful wedding!

 We had a wonderful time visiting with our former neighbors, Russ and Irene. We lived next door to them in Pensacola. We were there for only one year from the time Betsy was one until she turned two. They were great neighbors and friends !

During our visit I learned that Irene has taken up scrapbooking with a friend and they love to go to Gigi's. In fact they will be attending the Gigi's retreat. I hope we can see them and also meet her friend Jan while we are there. Pam even said they could come eat with us when
 it is her night to cook!!
 Josh's parents took us all on a deep sea-fishing expedition on Sunday!!
 We caught tons of red snapper and other fish!

Bob and Brian took Brennen to the Naval Air Museum  . It is an awesome place. We had visited many times when we lived in Pensacola. Brennen just loved it! Especially the aircraft carrier.

 Once we got back to Gantt, we had a family cookout on the Conecuh river. It was great to reunite with our cousins in such fun place. My cousin Phil and his wife Robin had just renovated his parent's cabin. They did a wonderful job and it was so cozy and cute!

Just wanted to share these with y'all. I know you've seen enough photos for a while.
We will be scrappin' tomorrow and Thursday, so I promise the next post will be about scrappin' !!

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