Thursday, July 28, 2011

How we spent our summer vacation.....scrappin' in July!

Helen scrapped all the Dragon Boat pictures.This was a really fun event. They all came out great. She had her photos printed 5 x 7 so we couldn't get many on a page.

She used great papers and had great Chinese and Canada embellishments!

Pam is working on a great project! It is a frame to decorate which will holds 6-4x6 photos. Of course hers is Ole Miss themed for Bill's apartment. It is going to be cute and everyone is going to want to make one. Think of all the, vacation, birthday, family, school memories, etc.

These frames are at Hobby Lobby and they come in black or cream. They are only $9.99 and you can always use your coupon!! Such a deal !So we will plan to make some of these soon. Great gifts.

Pam made this cute page of her dad's first boating license.
 I cut the fish and things with the Cricut.

As soon as I open up the door to the scraproom the kitties sit in Pam's spot to wait for her,
 I wonder who brings them treats?

Pam's wedding pages. Check out Pam in these pictures! These came out great! Used brown mats and green glitter background papers. Also, love the Prima flower embellies.

We'll be doing more great scrappin' in August. We will also discuss our Fall schedule. As you know, I will be retiring ...... so I plan to have more classes and scrapping events. 
 It's going to be GREAT!!

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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Making Paper Bag Books

Pam and I had a great time with our paper bag project and the 40 new scrappers! I am posting more information on how to do it and samples of ones I've made. They are just so cute and so much fun to do!

This was the version we did using the regular size lunch bags that come in a package of 50. Pretty cheap! Anyway we used two bags. You can use more. To see how to make the basic bag click HERE. I usually sew mine together. I have punched holes and tied ribbon before, but that method takes space from your pages, so I prefer the sewn method. If I sew the bags together, I do not punch as they show on the how-to page.

The bag below is called a "Waterfall bag book." It is just two bags placed on top of each other but one pushed back to leave just over an inch. Then fold so that you have the waterfall layers in front. Sew on fold. 

The one below is made with the larger bags. It's finished size is about 6 x 6. I really like this size. It would be better if I had sewn in the middle rather than punching. That way the pages lie flat. Remember you can fill the pockets with tags and lots of photos and journaling!

Happy paper bag book making! It is fun and limitless!!
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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Forty Happy Scrappers!!

This was forty happy scrappers! Today Pam and I made a scrapbooking presentation at the Rankin Childcare Directors Association. We presented lots of ideas how they could use scrapbooking with preschoolers.

We made a cute Summer themed paperbag book. They just loved it!

Pam and I had such a good time introducing new folks to scrapbooking!
 I am sure Michael's and Hobby Lobby greatly appreciate it!! In fact we just had to stop off at HL on the way home!

We also got 100% approval on our evaluations!
 I would love to present again next year!
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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Other stuff we did...besides have a beautiful wedding!

 We had a wonderful time visiting with our former neighbors, Russ and Irene. We lived next door to them in Pensacola. We were there for only one year from the time Betsy was one until she turned two. They were great neighbors and friends !

During our visit I learned that Irene has taken up scrapbooking with a friend and they love to go to Gigi's. In fact they will be attending the Gigi's retreat. I hope we can see them and also meet her friend Jan while we are there. Pam even said they could come eat with us when
 it is her night to cook!!
 Josh's parents took us all on a deep sea-fishing expedition on Sunday!!
 We caught tons of red snapper and other fish!

Bob and Brian took Brennen to the Naval Air Museum  . It is an awesome place. We had visited many times when we lived in Pensacola. Brennen just loved it! Especially the aircraft carrier.

 Once we got back to Gantt, we had a family cookout on the Conecuh river. It was great to reunite with our cousins in such fun place. My cousin Phil and his wife Robin had just renovated his parent's cabin. They did a wonderful job and it was so cozy and cute!

Just wanted to share these with y'all. I know you've seen enough photos for a while.
We will be scrappin' tomorrow and Thursday, so I promise the next post will be about scrappin' !!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Memorable moments of Retreats Past......more to come!

 Just thought I'd share some fun photos from our first two Retreats! 2010 and 2011! In the photo above we were out on the balcony. The wind was incredible and COLD! We decided Edith looked like Pippi Longstocking! 

 Pam gets a Deer!

 We had such a great time the next year, too! We spent a lot of time at Gigi's and
 discovered Billy's Seafood!

 Gigi's 2012 Retreat is scheduled for Jan 19, 20 and 21st. I thought we would enjoy going at the same time this year, since we got so attached to Gigi on the last trip! I have contacted Edith about getting in touch with Martha about the condo. So put this on  your calendar!! I hope we have more folks attend this year since we have plenty of room!!


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