Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Button Tin

I asked mom today if she still had the button tin she had when I was little. I remember it vividly, a red metal filled with all sorts of buttons. Most of them were buttons she had cut off items of clothing she had worn or had made. There were metal ones, large colored plastic ones and fabric covered ones. Oh, I just loved to dump out that tin of buttons and sort them for hours. I looked in all the places she told me but did not find the actual tin, but I did find a Ziploc bag filled with those very buttons!! I actually remembered some of them!!

  I sorted the buttons for hours and enjoyed photographing them!! I am bringing them home and hope to find a special  place for some of them on my scrapbook pages!!

These metal ones were especially nice because some were rusty and corroded!! I know better than to clean them because I watch Antique Roadshow. Dirty and grungy is always better!!

So be watching for these on a Scrapbook page coming soon!!
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