Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The way it is. . . . .

We took a frightening taxi ride the Hard Rock Cafe. The ride itself was scary because the cab driver did not want to stop at traffic lights, racing the engine and pulling into the  intersection waiting for the light to change. Anyway we enjoyed the Hard Rock. We have decided it is not safe to venture out too far from the hotel. I don't think we'll be taking anymore taxi's. Homeless people/panhandler's are all over. As soon as you go outside they come up to you. Yesterday I heard a loud roar outside the window and it was the police unit based here in CNN center. There we at least 50 cops on Harley's. I guess when something happens they all race out. I made a photo.

Let me get moving here. Bob is going to come up and we'll go eat lunch in the CNN food court.

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