Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Downtown Atlanta

Despite the rain and FOG we made it to Atlanta yesterday. This is a view Centennial Park, the site of the 1996 Olympics. It is lit up for Christmas and looks beautiful. The rain doesn't help my picture and the fact that I took I took it from my window.

This is the same view this morning, still rainy, foggy an Bob is in meetings all day. I plan to get cleaned up and go for a walk. Thinking of going on the CNN tour. We did that many years ago when the children were little.  So, let me get moving around here.


Anonymous said...

Looks awesome! Go talk to Anderson Cooper, ma! I know you think he's a cutie pie.
love Bets

Anonymous said...

Still looks pretty in the rain...have a great time and keep us posted...what fun restaurants you find, etc. Barb

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to hear about the basketball game. HA. I hate to hear downtown Atlanta is like that. Be safe. Melissa


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