Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Can you tell I am bored?

Well, I thought it was a great idea to come on this trip. It is great to see a new place.I am glad I came with Bob because he just hates to be at these things. I am disappointed that we are here in the middle of the city and it does not feel safe to venture out. You know me, I love to get out and explore. Anyway, I did watch Julie & Julia and enjoyed it. It is about blogging so I guess that's why I decided to post again today. I have learned one thing for sure, NEVER, No never come off without some scrapbooking projects to work on!! I started to throw a few things in to bring, but it is hard to narrow down to a few things!!

The sun did come out today, not that I have been out in it!! I do not even know the temperature!! We are thinking of going to a basketball game tonight. The Atlanta Hawks, I think. Not that I know anything about basketball, but it is right here and we don't have to take a taxi!! We will see. I did make Bob promise to bring me to the Archiver's store in Marietta on the way home. I hope it is on the way home? He has to bring me, anyway!! I am sorry to be complaining so much.

Bob just called, got us tickets to the basketball game. Haven't ever seen a pro-basketball game. This will be something different, for sure.

Trying to read up on this because I do not know anything about basketball!! I'll report tomorrow
 on Pro-Basketball !!

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Anonymous said...

Sorry it's hard to get out...did y'all eat some place fun last night? Could you take a taxi to a mall? Or go to the aquarium? I think it's close too, but I am not sure exactly where it is. The basketball game will be fun whether you know anything about pro ball or not. Ask the concierge about possible city tours that are on a bus? Hope you find some fun things to do!


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