Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Summer Schedule is Posted on My Other Site

We will work on the summer schedule next class. I will make a calendar for everyone to sign up for class. I will not keep the same classes but just have a sign-up for each class. That way we can work around vacations, etc. So bring your calendars to the next class and we will have a sign up time. Also we will have some all day crops, at least two days during the summer. 

The next class is tommorow night, Scrappin' Divas. Also Scrap Therapy on the 26th and Croppin' with Class on the 27th.There are openings in both of these classes. 

I think my subscription thingy is working. I just had to activate it on my email. Check your email for something from Feedblitz and ACTIVATE it. Please let me know if you got it. Or post a comment of the blog. I really do like this and  it is so full of stuff!!
The other website has the complete summer schedule posted with name of who is signed up for what. Check it out!

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