Thursday, May 28, 2009

Scrapbooking with Layouts

It's time I taught you something!! Tuesday Lacey mentioned that she had used a plastic template which helps with the size of pictures and layout of your pages. Well, I have tons of these layouts and you can also get them free online. Many scrapbooking magazines have these and show how to use them. Here is an example: Here from Creating Keepsakes Magazine. There is another site Page Maps   Below is an example of a page map from their site. Notice it shows patterned paper and an embellishment placement. Notice in the layout below that items were placed according to the sketch. These really help to make great pages.

Notice the template used hearts and frilly-look paper but the finished page is for a boy and they used  more boyish looking things. The layout is just a guide.The problem I see with using them is that we try to use too many pictures, or we have only a few photos. Also ours aren't the correct size called for in the layout. Anyway, try copying some and use them. It is a learning process to get used to using them. We'll try it in class sometime, maybe with a special class day just to try using the. Let me know if you want to learn more. Check out the sites. 

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