Thursday, October 7, 2010

This is what it's all about......memories.

Helen and Judy came to scrapbook last night. Pam was sick and Edith had to babysit, so they both missed. We did have a good time and enjoyed the fellowship! Helen and I made some cards and tried to do embossing! We finally got it going after we messed up a few cards!! She finished up the title page for Austin's Eagle Scout Album, hoorah!!

But, best of all, Judy brought all the pages she had been making for the past two years
and we put them into her travel scrapbook. It had over 25 pages! It was so much fun to look over the pages and especially for her to remember those good times with family and friends. Even though she made the book for herself, she has several people she plans to share it with. It is chock full of good times, great memories and some really good scrapbooking!!

Before they left we planned an All Day Scrap Event for Friday, October 29th. The morning will be frame making and the afternoon will be scrapbooking and card making. You may sign up for just the frames in the morning or just afternoon scrapping or for all day. I will post more details later. I should have room for at least 6 people, possibly more, if they come in shifts. So let me know if you would like to participate!! Three slots are filled already
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