Wednesday, September 29, 2010

We made some gorgeous frames tonight!!

 We had a great time making these frames . We painted, antiqued, crackled, ribboned and did lots of fun things to decorate these frames. Julie, Judy and Edith each made three frames.Judy made hers in record time with a lot of  help from Scrappy!!

 Edith's frames, they were so cute. Pam you will recognize YOUR flower we stole!
 Judy's Frames.....notice the tree Cricut cut!

Judy brought this antique cross to put on her frame, love it!

 These are Julie's gorgeous frames. Aren't they awesome?She did the
 alcohol ink leaf technique...gorgeous!

For those who didn't get to come,  we will probably do them again.We decided they
 would make great Christmas gifts!

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