Friday, February 20, 2009

Flower Chipboard Book

Thanks to a very creative person on the Cricut blog I got the cut files to cut the paper for the flower chipboard books from Michael's. The very talented person is Diane from her blog Capadia Designs. I am showing you just how she displayed it on her site, so I can't really take any credit, but it is great.

I used those my Mind's Eye paper pads and cardstock. The file had flowers in all sizes. I cut some smaller ones to fit in the centers of some of them. Got the Cricut fired up and cut and cut and cut!! Wow! Easy, and they fit perfectly!! No triming.

These are the cardstock papers I cut for one side of the pages. Also the
flowers that fit inside.
All clipped together ready to glue. Think I'll try that UHU liquid I got.This is how the center flower looks on a patterned page. Cute!1 I'll show them to you in class. We'll have to ake some. I have several. Also on the blog someone told that there were butterflies, cars, and a house book . So, I may get the cutfiles for these!!

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