Thursday, August 1, 2013

We're Back!

Sorry I am a little late in posting this. It was from early July. 
Everyone was so happy we were back from our trip that
they all showed up to scrap and paint this week!
Helen scrapped, Evelyn visited.

Pam and Judy scrapped and visited, too!

Holly finished waxing this chair. It was one someone gave Pam. then she gave it to me and I was about to put it out in the trash when Holly retrieved it! (it needs a new seat and she's getting her bf to cut one for her.

Edith was finishing up this little wall shelf for her bathroom. She painted in it Chateau Grey. 

Helen finished scrapping our last retreat pictures.

Last page of Mark's album and one of Austin.

Pam did this memorial page.

Judy joined us a knocked out several pages of a multi-year
Christmas album she i making.

Thanks for visiting!
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