Thursday, May 17, 2012

St. Pete and the Graduate!!

 Our trip to visit Betsy and Josh to 
attend her graduation was just wonderful!
On Sunday we visited the Salvadore Dali Museum.It was a extensive collection of over 90 of his works. I know you remember from Art 101 that he was the surrealist who painted the melted clocks and all sorts of strange looking things! If you want to know more about him visit here at Wikipedia. 

Bob with the Dali mask!! Creepy...

 We couldn't take photos inside but they had an area outside with several Dali-like things! This is Josh with the famous handlebar mustache.

The wish tree where everyone tied their wrist bands.

Josh and Bets in the wish tree!
We enjoyed visiting with Bets, Josh and all their pets.   Josh's parents, Bobby and June have moved down to the area and it was great to see them and their new home. We ate some delicious fish we caught on our wedding fishing trip last June. 
The best, and much anticipated part of our trip was Betsy's graduation.It was held at Tropicana Field, the home of the Tampa Rays baseball team.
 I loved having the big screen(although I couldn't get a clear picture of it)
Happy parents and a Happy graduate!
Betsy earned her ESE Certification, Florida Special Education Certification.  We are very proud of her and just know she will be a wonderful teacher and a blessing to the children she teaches!

All us proud parents!
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