Thursday, November 25, 2010

Absolutely Andalusia.......Homecoming 2010

Bob and I had a wonderful time at the Absolutely Andalusia Homecoming. The town was awesome! It was obvious that many, many people worked long days to pull off all the events, activities and celebrations. It began Thursday with a Veteran's Day parade. Pictured above are the Andy High Majorettes with the Andalusia City Hall in the background. This building was Bob's elementary school.  

The parade ended at the Memorial monument honoring all Covington County Veterans.
 We took the tour of the J.W. Shreve Addition. This was the neighborhood where Bob grew up. His childhood home was part of the tour!! People were out on their front porches and invited us over for lemonade and cookies. Several people even took us inside to tour their homes. 
 This is such a gorgeous home. Don't you just want to sit on this porch?

 This was Bob's childhood home. 413 College street. It was also the home of his Mother's 
kindergarten for more than 25 years.
 Mom and I looking at her paintings on display at the Then and Now Art Show.

Bet you didn't know that Hank and Audrey were married in Andalusia!

One of our favorite spots, the DQ. It has been here since 1950!! 
Below is just one of the beautiful quilts on display at the Quilt Show. There were over
 a hundred and we had to choose our favorite one! They were all gorgeous!

On Thursday night there was a presentation of the History of Andalusia. It was told using songs, skits and sing-a-longs. I was so proud that I could stand and sing "The Alma Mater" without looking at the program! There were lots of participants from children/ Indians, high school chorus members and locals. It was a great program and a very educational evening!

I have no picture but on Friday night there was a street dance with a 
great band playing 60's motown songs! While there, Bob and I ran in to the woman who had convinced Bob to ask me out! She was our maid of honor. We met her twin sons who had been the hit of the program on Thursday night!!

 Bob with Mr. Ward at the local writer's book signing and
 sale. Mr. Ward has researched the genealogy
 of the Mock family, so Bob had to buy his book!!

 We had fun at The Gala on Saturday night. They had transformed a huge arena into an elegant
dinner theater. We had a wonderful dinner and were entertained by some singers, and speakers. The emcee was a former Miss Alabama, Alexa Jones, the daughter of one of my high school classmates.

After we left the Gala we visited with classmates from the Class of '68 and '69!
 Saw some folks I had not seen since I graduated. 

 On Sunday morning, Bob and I attended the Homecoming at First United Methodist. This was Bob's church growing up. He just lived around the corner and he and his mom could walk there.
 It is also where we were married, 29 years ago :)
As you can see we had a wonderful time Coming Home! 

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