Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy 4th of July from St. Pete !!

Treasure Island
We are having a great time despite hurricane Alex. It has rained the whole time but we have found some great sites, great food and have enjoyed visiting with Betsy and Josh.  Above was a view from the pier at Treasure Island beach. Pretty spot. 

These were some scrumptious cupcakes!!

Street festival with band playing Sweet Home Alabama!!

And of course, The local scrapbook Store. This was just around the corner from Betsy's. So far I have made two trips.( I think they are open Monday) It was an awesome store. We drove over to another area looking for another one, but they had closed early on Saturday. 

We also enjoyed the Flamenco Dancers at a Spanish restaurant in Tampa last night. Pictures not too clear. Plan to watch fireworks tonight if it will clear up. This is a beautiful area and I know why they like it! 

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