Thursday, July 30, 2009

Featured Artist- Julie Martin

Julie Martin has been scrapping with me for several years. During that time she has created some wonderful scrapbook pages and projects. Featured below is one of the family albums she made for several family members. She made three in all and they were all different! She used a board book and added the old photos she had copied. The albums are very special to their recipients. When she visitied one of them recently, she noticed that it had been placed in a very special place in their home and was told they had shown it to everyone who came to visit. Just speaking of it brought tears to their eyes.( Please excuse the photos being cut off. When I copy from the other site, they are too big and I do not know how to fix this)

Each album had a gorgeous color scheme. This one was my favorite.

Notice how it had special openings and things tucked in!! These pages opened to
reveal more photos.

On this one she added library pockets with cards, Too cute!

Great job, Julie!! Also, Julie if one of my scrappers who will work on some scrapbooking at home.
Creating a special family heirloom is really what (I think) scrapbooking is all about. So dig out those old photos. If there are some faces you don't know, go find out who they are, before it is too late. I would love to help any of you create a special heirloom. Go over to Croppin' with Class to see more of her albums.

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