Friday, June 19, 2009

Scrappy Day Camp

We had a great time at Scrappy Day Camp. Pam brought her co-workers, Jennifer and Kari. Judy joined us and they brought goodies.

They all brought great food and we pigged out! I have to admit I did notdo the South Beach today!

They each got a personalized goodie bag filled with great scrapbooking goodies!

Charlie was here and some great candid shots of us scrapbooking.

Kari with Finn watching.

Jennifer being helped by General Scrappy.

Judy' hand.

Pam concentrating.

Judy working on her mini albums.

Pam and Finn

Note the scrapper's "bible" on the table. This is a handy resource

for quotes and titles. I got it at Michael's.

Kari scrapbooked her trip to Cancun, Mexico.

Kari scrapbooked pictures of her new puppy!

Kari at the Mayan Ruins

More pictures of Paradise!

Jennifer scrapbooked pictures from her cruise to Mexico. This was Formal Night.

Jennifer' Mexico pages.
Jennifer's pages of snorkeling excursion.

Pam did some cute one page spreads of her son.

This is my favorite by Pam.


Pam, School, cute!

Pam won Queen of the Crop!!
We had a great time!! We did get a lot done and everyone had a good time. We sure to watch for the next Day Camp on July 16th.


Pam Reeves said...

We had the best time ever!!! If you missed it, you'd better make plans to attend the next day camp on July 16. The food was great, but the fellowship was even better. I won't miss the next camp!

General Scrappy said...

Yeah!! Thanks Pam for posting a comment. I spent about 2 hours trying to get all those pictures and info on here. Yes, we did have a great time and hope to have more scrappers next month! Weren't those great pictures of the girls? I hope they had a good time.


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